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The directors of SME Financial Systems are experienced chartered accountants specialising in financial systems, financial modelling and business training.

A number of KPMG divisions, both in Ireland and the USA, provided the foundation for our initial commercial experiences.

Our subsequent business and consulting careers have taken us to every continent except Antarctica!

We developed our passion for providing quality management information whilst ourselves leading finance functions in industry, in both Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Having already worked with and for a variety of entrepreneurs, we made a conscious decision in 1998 to apply our substantial experience with large corporates to the small and medium sized enterprise (SME) sector.

This table summarises our relevant experiences. More detailed biographies can be accessed by clicking Julian Clarke.

We believe strongly in the benefits of a well-trained workforce and have consequently devised and presented many training courses ranging from Corporate Change to Start Your Own Business.

In conjunction with our Sales & Marketing colleague Stephen O' Sullivan we have developed courses for large organisations such as RTE (broadcasting) and Eircom (telecommunications) and the smaller business sector such as the Industry Programme at University College Dublin and Plato.
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